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Gunnison Valley Police Department

Gunnison Valley Police Department

The official website for the Gunnison Valley Police Department.

Code Enforcement

A link to the Centerfield City codes and ordinances can be found here.

Information on the Good Landlord Program can be found here.

Code Enforcement investigates the following:

  • Abandoned Vehicles
  • Building Without Permits
  • Licensed & Unlicensed Contractors
  • Lot Mowing
  • Rights of Way/Road Obstructions
  • Signs
  • Trash
  • Zoning / Illegal Land Use 

Code Enforcement FAQ's

1.  Question:  What is Code Enforcement?
Answer: Code enforcement is a process that works to eliminate blight, improve and preserve the appearance of the City’s residential and business areas, and create a community where those who live, work, or visit can experience a sense of pride.

2.  Question:  How does the code enforcement process work?
Answer: The process may begin with either a complaint filed by a resident or business, or by city staff observing a problem through the City’s proactive code enforcement program.The City has a code enforcement officer whose responsibility is to investigate complaints of property maintenance and municipal code violations.The City’s code enforcement officer also periodically patrols the City proactively to ensure compliance with the City’s property maintenance and municipal code provisions. Most often, a code enforcement action is initiated through a complaint filed by a resident or business. After a complaint is received, an inspection is made to determine the validity, nature, and extent of the concern. If a Code violation is observed, the property owner is informed and given an opportunity to bring the property into compliance. If corrective action is not completed in a reasonable manner, or time, and after repeated attempts on the part of the code enforcement officer to resolve the issue(s) the City may, as a last resort issue a criminal citation, and/or administrative penalties.  However, the primary goal is to resolve the code violation through voluntary compliance, and the vast majority of cases are resolved in this manner.

3.  Question:  What regulations apply to the storage and placement of trash cans?
Answer: Trash containers may not be placed on, or near the street, until the evening prior to the day of pickup, and must be removed from the street within a timely manner following pickup.

4. Question:  Do I need a permit for a garage sale?
Answer: Yes. The City requires that persons who want to hold a garage/yard sale obtain a no-fee permit from the City.  The city allows up to three yard sales a year.

5. Question:  Can I park my motorhome on the street in front of my residence?
Answer: Answer coming soon.

6. Question:  Out-of-town visitors are coming and would like to park their RV on the street. Is this permissible?
Answer: Answer coming soon.

7. Question:  I operate a business in the Centerfield. Can I post a temporary sign or banner in front of my business?
Answer: Yes.  Temporary signs shall include any sign, banner, pennant or advertising display constructed of cloth, canvas, light fabric, cardboard, wallboard or other light materials, with or without frames, intended to be displayed for a short period of time only.  A permit may be required.  Please check the city ordinance regarding signs here.

8. Question:  Can I operate a “home-based business” from my residence?
Answer: Yes, the City does allow “home-occupations” to be operated from residences subject to operators obtaining a “Home Occupation" business license, and complying with various regulatory conditions. Please contact the city offices for more information.

9. Question:  The information I'm looking for is not here. How can I contact the Code Enforcement Division?
Answer: Code Enforcement is part of the Centerfield City Police Department. You may view our contact information here.

10. Question:  What can I do if I believe something is in violation of the City Code?
Answer: The Code Enforcement Division responds to complaints of violation of the City’s Municipal Code and Zoning Ordinance.  You may contact the City’s code enforcement officer. through this form, to discuss matters relating to Code violations, learn what issues or conditions constitute a violation of the City’s codes, and request further investigation by the code enforcement officer.  Also, a complaint may be submitted here.

11. Question:  Do I have to identify myself in order to lodge a code enforcement complaint?
Answer: No. The City of Centerfield routinely accepts anonymous complaints, and investigates and resolves such complaints in the same manner as concerns raised by identified complainants.  However, providing your information to the police department does aid the officer in contacting you in situations where additional information is needed.

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